Video: Jeff Gordon pranks blogger in high speed police chase

Posted Feb 28, 2014

Jeff Gordon, the well known professional stock car racing driver, recently pranked Travis Okulski. Okulski is a blogger for that called out Gordon for allegedly making a fake video for Pepsi where he took out a car dealership salesman in a high speed obstacle course. Okulski wrote a blog post saying that video was fake so Gordon wanted to get revenge on him. Okulski is now claiming that the video that he made with Gordon was real.

Okulski said that this video was: “unequivocally, one hundred percent, totally, absolutely real.”

Okulski was brought to North Carolina by being promised an exclusive test drive in the newly anticipated Corvette. Gordon was dressed up in a disguise that involved a neck tattoo, sideburns, a mullet, and a camouflage hat. Gordon was sent to pick up Okulski in a fake cab from his hotel. This is when Gordon started to tell Okulski that he used to be in prison for 10 years. When a highway patrol officer started to follow them and pull them over, Gordon decided that he did not want to be put back in the slammer so he put the pedal to the metal. Throughout the entire drive, Okulski begged him to stop.

“I’m gonna lose this guy,” yelled Gordon.

Okulski replied “This never works! This never works!”

Gordon skid into the open door of a warehouse where Pepsi was waiting. The video called, Test Drive 2, hit over a million views in a few hours. The original Test Drive video has nearly 41 million views.

“I thought I was going to die,” wrote Okulski in a blog post describing the experience. “I yelled, I banged the glass, I actually tried to kick through the Plexiglas window between the driver and me. I pulled out my phone to call 911 but couldn’t keep it steady enough to dial.”

Below is the original video that Okulski called out: