Video Sharing Websites Consolidate, Motionbox Buys Out Viddyou

Posted Oct 9, 2009

Motionbox is a website that competes with YouTube and we all know how hard it must be to compete with the Google-owned video sharing website these days. In order to further compete with YouTube, Motionbox acquired Viddyou.

Motionbox has about $17.2 million in funding, $6 million of which was raised earlier this year. Motionbox was recommended by AOL after they shut down their own Video Uploads service which gave the service a major boost.

Viddyou users will be able to migrate their profile and videos over to Motionbox. When Viddyou launched in 2007, they branded themselves as a vlogging website. Ever since then Viddyou became a YouTube-like video sharing website.