Video Streaming Platform, Mogulus Raises $1.5 Million

Posted Jan 8, 2008

Mogulus LLC is a New York-based company started by Max Haot and is developed from a back office in Bangalore, India.  Mogulus also has a partnership with Podtech founder and power-blogger, Robert Scoble.  Mogulus has raised $1.5 million from private angel investors according to their official blog.  The total funding for Mogulus is currently at $2.7 million.  This funding round is pre-Series A.

Mogulus has about 25,000 producers.  When Mogulus launched at the NewTeeVee Live conference this past November, they had an instant 18,000 users sign up.  The company will have live broadcasting tools and include features such as H.264 and Video on Demand (VOD).

Through PodTech and Sarah Meyers’ PopSnap Channel, Mogulus was able to walk through the Consumer Electronics Show and stream it live.  Impressive reach for a small startup.

Competitors of Mogulus include Justin.TV, Kyte, and UStream.