Vidshadow Signs Partnership With BOOMj To Power Social Network Video Platform

Posted Jun 4, 2008

BOOMj (OTC:BOMJ) is a social network for Baby Boomers and Generation Jones.  Today BOOMj announced that they have signed an agreement with Vidshadow Inc. (PINK:VSHD).  Vidshadow will integrate a video platform into BOOMj to host programs.  The programs include fashion news with Rocco G, workout tips with John Spencer Ellis, and BOOMj today. 

“Our demographic was raised on television and as they embrace the internet they are looking for dynamic video centric content,” stated BOOMj’s President, Wendy Borow-Johnson. “By harnessing this dynamic medium we will be able to provide our members with the most relevant and targeted entertainment, while attracting marketers and advertisers wanting to reach them.”

BOOMj’s video content will continue to expand as they have signed content deals with Planet X, National Lampoon, Soma, Julio Cesar Chavez, and Full Turn Media. 

“The 40 plus demographic is now one of the most sought after audiences for video web advertisers,” stated Vidshadow CEO, Jordan D. Hudgens. “BOOMj’s content is specifically tailored to the needs and interests of this demographic. Today advertisers are spending marketing dollars on highly targeted content that engages the end user. Boomers are more likely to make planned purchases because of their higher level of disposable income, responding to programming which focus on their needs and passions.

Information Release:
[1] BOOMj Partners with Vidshadow to Provide Video Platform