Vimeo to use HTML5 by default

Posted Jan 8, 2014

Vimeo’s new video player will work on various screen sizes and additional devices by switching to HTML5 from the Adobe Flash player. Vimeo was able to speed up their video-streaming technology by switching from Flash-powered video to HTML5 by default.

The new Vimeo player improves the performance, social links, and post-production capabilities said Vimeo CTO Andrew Pile in an interview with CNET. The videos load in half the time in terms of the web page load time and the video play. Vimeo has been working on the overhaul for the past year. The new player supports screen readers and closed captioning for better accessibility.

Vimeo added the ability to sell videos right from the player when teaser videos are displayed. “With the addition of this ‘buy now’ button on the trailer, everywhere the video travels, there is an instant call to buy that comes with it,” said Vimeo President Dae Mellancamp.