Vine Video Shows Truck Flying Over Guardrail In Michigan

Posted Aug 21, 2013

Alexandria Stack, a college student from Fenton, Michigan, was driving when she saw this truck driving out-of-control.  The pickup truck was carrying a lawnmower and flew over a guardrail on an elevated highway.  Stack was captured the incident with the popular 6-second video social network owned by Twitter called Vine.

Fortunately the driver was conscious when the police arrived, but he sustained several injuries.  This incident took place on Westbound I-96 in Ingham County, Michigan.  The truck landed in Sycamore Creek near Lansing, Michigan.

When Esquire asked Stack how she captured the footage, she said:

“I was on my way to Kalamazoo for dance team practice. Since my AC doesn?t work my window was down. I felt a piece of grass hit my arm, so I looked over and the car was in the middle of the median, so I thought it was just somebody being dumb and not wanting to get off of the highway, and just trying to get over to my side of the highway. So I slowed down almost to a stop and started recording, because I kinda thought it was somebody trying to be funny. So I started recording as soon as I could, and as I was getting my phone out I saw the car hit a sign in the middle of the median and just fly through it.  So that?s when I realized it was probabaly something serious, and then the car just flew over the overpass.  Then I just pulled over and called my mom, and she told me to call the police”