Vine Is Currently The Top Free App On The Apple App Store

Posted Apr 9, 2013

Twitter’s Vine video app is now the most popular free application on the Apple App Store.  Twitter acquired Vine in October 2012.  Vine allows users to create and share six-second videos and it re-launched in January.  That means it took under 4 months to become the most popular free app on the App Store.

Rus Yusupov (Vine co-founder) and Bobby McKenna (Vine designer) celebrated their victory by writing a post on Twitter.  Vine is currently number one in the U.S., but nowhere else in the world yet.

Hey guys, remember that time we made the No. 1 most popular app in the world? @ckb @dhof @bobby @vineapp

— Rus Yusupov (@rus) April 8, 2013

Vine: bigger than Batman.

— Bobby McKenna (@bobby) April 8, 2013

Vine is highlighted under the Social Networking category on the App Store.  Earlier this month, Vine launched trending hashtags.  Vine was hit with a DMCA take-down from Prince’s record label this month and 20th Century Fox launched a trailer for Wolverine last month on Vine.