Vine Updates Mobile App With New Camera, Categories, And Revines

Posted Jul 4, 2013

is a mobile app owned by Twitter that lets you create short looping videos in 6-second increments.  The app faces tremendous competition from Facebook’s Instagram since they launched video sharing last month with 15 second clips.  Twitter Vine now has a redesigned camera, categories for Vines, and the ability to “revine” Vine videos.  The ability to “revine” videos will give users the ability to gain followers easier within the app.

The camera was redesigned so that users can frame their shots.  The new Vine app also has a grid, the ability to focus, and several “ghost tools.”  One of the ghost tools includes the ability to view your previous shot.  There is no editing ability within Vine though.

Vine now has 15 category channels that will let you submit posts to the Explore screen.  Categories include music, nature, comedy, cats, dogs, family, etc.  Each Vine category has it’s own theme and popular feed.

Vine also launched an “On the Rise” category, which lets you see who is gaining popularity on Vine.  This feature will let you show videos that are trending.

The ability to “revine” is not a surprise because Vine’s parent company Twitter offers the ability to “retweet.”

Vine also has privacy controls.  When the app launched at first, it did not have any privacy.  Users can decide which followers can see their content by going to the “Your Content” section under your profile settings.