Virgin Mobile To Get The iPhone 5

Posted Oct 2, 2012

Three major U.S. telecommunications companies started selling the iPhone 5 on September 21st.  The prepaid carrier Cricket and several other regional carriers started selling the iPhone 5 on September 28th.  Sprint subsidiary Virgin Mobile has been quiet about what they were planning on doing for the iPhone 5 though.

Virgin started selling the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S in late June for as low as $30 per month for customers that are willing to pay the full price on the iPhone.  MacRumors has confirmed that the Apple has Virgin-specific CDMA iPhone 5 devices are coming soon.  Below are the model numbers:
– MD250LL/A: 16 GB
– MD489LL/A: 32 GB
– MD574LL/A: 64 GB

– MD355LL/A: 16 GB
– MD566LL/A: 32 GB
– MD591LL/A: 64 GB

The launch date for Virgin Mobile is unknown as of right now.  If the 16 official iPhone carriers in the U.S., only Virgin Mobile and Alaska Communications have yet to announce the iPhone 5 for their network.