Virgin Mobile Plans To Launch Touch-Screen Phones Soon

Posted Mar 18, 2009

Virgin Mobile’s Dan Schulman CEO stated at the Mobile Virtual Network Operator that the company plans to introduce a new line of touch-screen phones in the near future. Schulman did not give any specifics on when they would unleash the touch-screen, but stated that they stayed out of that market before since many consumers cannot afford these devices.

“Things like value and flexibility are moving to the forefront,” stated Schulman. “I think the economy is helping people to appreciate our model.”

Schulman believes that even though the iPhone and BlackBerry phones are getting a lot of attention, they still only account for 20% of the phones sold.  This would be a very different move for Virgin because they are used to selling prepaid phone services.  Last year Virgin acquired Helio, a struggling entertainment mobile virtual network operator company.

“It wouldn’t shock me to see more pricing pressure coming into the industry,” added Schulman.

[via PCW]