Virgin Mobile Prepaid iPhone Plans To Start At $30 Per Month

Posted Jun 7, 2012

I have been paying over $100 per month to use my iPhone on AT&T. Fortunately my contract expires this month and I have just heard that Virgin Mobile will be the second prepaid operator to sell the iPhone to customers. Virgin Mobile USA will be offering iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S customers unlimited data, unlimited messaging, and 300 anytime minutes for only $30 per month. I may just sell my iPhone 4 on eBay, buy the iPhone 4S, and then sign up with Virgin. It’s always great to save a few bucks here and there without having to downgrade much.

Virgin Mobile will sell the devices:
The iPhone 4S (16GB) will cost $649
The iPhone 4 (8GB) will sell for $549

Just as a comparison, Leap Wireless is selling the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S at $150 cheaper than the unlocked phones from Apple. Cricket’s prepaid iPhone plans start at $55.

Sprint has a sign-up page that will e-mail you when their prepaid phone plans go live.