Visa Launching A Digital Wallet Service Called V.Me

Posted Nov 16, 2011

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) is preparing to launch a digital wallet service called Consumers will be able to fund with various credit card sources including Visa, MasterCard, or their bank account. will be able to be used when checking out with a user name and password instead of using a 16 digit number each time. is similar to PayPal and e-wallet services being created by AMEX and will be useful when buying products using mobile phones and tablets. is currently in closed beta, but it is expected to come out shortly after this holiday season.

?We wanted [the brand] to evoke Visa, and link to it, but without saying Visa,? stated Visa?s head of product, strategy and innovation Jennifer Schulz. Visa has created a developer program that will give retailers, merchants, and start-ups access to the payments service. ?We are announcing the Visa Developer Center, which is our platform for engaging developers globally with our Visa payment solutions.?