Visa’s Digital Wallet Service Service Now Supporting RBS

Posted Nov 28, 2012

Visa Europe said that they are adding the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) as the first U.K. bank to launch the digital wallet online payment system.  Earlier this month exited beta with 53 banks and 23 retailers on-board.  Visa was announced about one year ago.

The payment system lets users pay online by clicking one button instead of having to enter your details every time. users can sign up and can store one or more sets of credit card details in a account.  When you are shopping, consumers can click on a button in the browser.  They can enter their e-mail and password details and then choose which card that they want to pay with. will eventually include other Visa payment technologies like contactless transactions at the point-of-sale and person-to-person payments.  The feedback from other banks in the United Kingdom has been positive and Visa will start supporting other major banks in the next few months according to Visa EVP of Product and Marketing Solutions at Visa Europe Mariano Dima.