Vivek Kundra Is The First White House CIO

Posted Mar 5, 2009

Earlier today President Obama hired Vivek Kundra as the first Chief Information Officer of the White House.  Vivek is formerly the CTO of the District of Columbia, serving under Mayor Adrian Fenty.  Kundra was hired to push for the expansion of making the White House more high-tech.  Kundra will also oversee federal technology spending, information sharing between agencies, and monitor security and piracy.

Obama will also be responsible to “lower the cost of government operations,” according to the New York Times.  Kundra was born in India and lived in Tanzania until age 11.  After that he moved to Gaithersburg in Mayland.  Kundra moved post city contracts on YouTube, made Twitter common in his office, and hopes to allow drivers pay parking tickets and renew driver licenses on Facebook.

Kundra’s website Digital Public Square offers information about crime, parking, tourism, free wi-fi spots around the area, leaf-collection schedules, and a widget with live-snow progress in D.C.  Kundra launched a contest on the website in October called “Apps for Democracy.”  Kundra hopes to help the White House save $2.6 million over what it usually costs to hire contract developers.

Kundra has a Masters of Science in information technology from the University of Maryland and was the assistant secretary of commerce and technology in Virginia.