Vizio Announces $99 Google TV Box Co-Star

Posted Jun 26, 2012

VIZIO has announced a new Google TV hardware $99 product called the Co-Star. The Co-Star has Google TV functionality with apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iHeartRadio, and OnLive built in. OnLive gamers can watch demos and actually play games through the cloud gaming service. Just yesterday Sony announced their own Google TV product called the Sony NSZ-GS7 for $199, which is bad news for them since the VIZIO product is $100 less.

?Our focus to deliver the best consumer experience continues with today?s announcement of the Co-Star, which delivers a superior smart TV interface that anyone can add to their existing HDTV,? stated VIZIO CTO Matt McRae. ?We combined the powerful features of Google TV? with an intuitive and easy to use interface, giving users the power to enjoy an entire world of entertainment.?

The Co-Star comes with a dual-sided Bluetooth remote with one side having a number pad and touchpad with a QWERTY keypad on the other side. The Co-Star has 802.11n and USB connectivity options. VIZIO has not yet announced the expected ship date yet, but pre-orders will start next month.