Vizio PCs Will Have A Pseudo-Touch Interface When Upgraded To Windows 8

Posted Jun 17, 2012

Over the weekend, Vizio launched a new line of PC desktops and notebooks powered by Windows 7. The timing on this is interesting because Windows 8 is expected to be launching in a few months. Vizio is aware of the Windows 8 roadmap and they hinted that upgrading Windows 8 on Vizio computers will unlock a “pseudo-touch interface that’s pretty neat ? a bit of an Easter egg,” according to Vizio CTO Matt McRae.

Vizio PCs will have Microsoft Signature, which would remote the “bloatware” that appears on Windows operating systems when purchased from stores like Best Buy. Vizio PCs will have Microsoft Signature. Microsoft charges $99 for the Signature version of the operating system, but Vizio computers will have that feature for free. Microsoft will provide tech support for Vizio PCs on top of Vizio’s own support.

“Microsoft made this great commitment to a great image, and they have a vested interest in making sure people are having the best experience. It drives them nuts that OEMs throw a bunch of other stuff on it and then people blame Windows for performance problems,” added McRae.