Vodafone Building APIs For Billing and Location Awareness

Posted May 14, 2009

Vodafone is planning to release a set of APIs that will give developers the opportunity to build applications with capabilities to directly charge consumers for micro-payments and has the ability to detect location.  Developers will be able to reach Vodafone’s 289 million customers through the selling of games and other applications.

Vodafone will allow developers to use direct billing capabilities for customers to pay for application services wirelessly through pre- and post-paid accounts.

Another fortunate opportunity for developers through Vodafone is access to the Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) SDK.  The JIL is a partnership between Softbank Corporation, Vodafone, and China Mobile Limited.  This will allow developers to create widgets for a total customer base of up to one billion consumers.  JIL will be launching a formal website and the SDK this summer.

[via Vodafone press release]