VoIP Company iSkoot Buys Social.IM

Posted Sep 5, 2008

iSkoot is a VoIP mobile company. Today the company has announced that they have acquired Social.IM, an IM company. Social.IM created a software that allows you to chat with Facebook friends that also happen to be on Facebook Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk, AIM, etc.

Social.IM works on Windows and on Mac OS X.

“Social.IM has served as an instant Web communications desktop platform and we see a clear consumer integration with iSkoot’s upcoming suite of Web to mobile push services,” stated Mark Jacobstein, iSkoot CEO. “Acquiring Social.IM is a key step in our path to introduce later this year a groundbreaking new communications platform that will revolutionize the mobile landscape.”

Before iSkoot bought out Social.IM, the chat application was almost screwed. This is because it created a chat application for Facebook. Then Facebook launched their own chat software. If iSkoot did not buy-out Social.IM, the company would just watch Facebook users ignore their application and use Facebook Chat directly.

The financial details of the acquisition were undisclosed.