VoloMetrix Expands Social Enterprise Platform With A New Sales Module

Posted Nov 4, 2012

VoloMetrix is an enterprise software-as-a-service enterprise company that has announced the VoloMetrix Sales Module.  The Sales Module analytics application lets sales leaders understand what is happening in the field so that they can focus their resources on customer opportunities without any additional data collection or activity tracking.  The VoloMetrix Sales Modul expands the VoloMetrix Social Enterprise Intelligence platform that can analyze real-time e-mail, calendar, instant messaging, and social networking data.

After VoloMetrix launched in 2011, they received a round of funding from Shasta Ventures.  They have provided their cloud-based service with a large number of clients.  Now they are aggregating and analyzing anonymous data from over 10,000 sources.

?People are the most powerful assets at many organizations, yet companies today can?t determine whether their people are positioned to achieve the greatest business results,? said Ryan Fuller, CEO of VoloMetrix. ?Our new sales module builds upon our initial vision of increasing productivity through more transparency. Now, sales teams are empowered with new insights that improve focus and responsiveness to their highest priority sales opportunities.?

VoloMetrix applies privacy filters to collaboration data and provides insights to activities, relationships, and communications.  The founding team at the company has over 50 years of experience in helping large companies solve strategic and organizational problems.  VoloMetrix is the only vendor that provides a comprehensive end-to-end view of analytics across multiple collaboration applications like e-mail, calendars, instant messages, and social networks.