VSCO raises $40 million in Series A funding

Posted May 6, 2014

Founded in March 2011, VSCO is a creative platform for photographers and designers to share their work. VSCO has raised $40 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners. Goldcrest Investments also invested in this round. VSCO?s mobile app has filters for post processing images shot within the app and it also has a greater precision for editing the images. Around 30 million images uploaded to Instagram are tagged #VSCO or #VSCOcam. VSCO did not reveal the exact size of its user base.

“We set out to build photo editing tools we wanted to use ourselves, and quickly discovered that there was a massive community of creatives out there who, like us, wanted access to these tools,” stated Joel Flory, VSCO CEO and co-Founder. “Our vision is to support our creative community by building great products and providing artists with the opportunity to pursue their creative visions. Out of many offers that we had, we chose to work with Accel Partners because they understand the importance of our community and they honor the craft.”

Before this round of funding, VSCO bootstrapped the company. VSCO has nearly 50 employees and millions of users. Over one billion images have been created using VSCO tools thus far.

This round of funding will be used for building more tools and services. It will also be used for expanding the team. VSCO is expanding its grant-based program called Artist?s Initiative, which supports artists and mission-driven creative projects. The scholarship started at $100,000 and has been expanded to $1 million. Accel is contributing $500,000 to increase the size of the fund.