Walk Around Playing The Soundtrack Of Your Life On Your Shirt

Posted Dec 17, 2008

It originally started as an April Fools joke, but due to a request to make it a real product ThinkGeek Labs has created the Personal Soundtrack Shirt.  It doesn’t matter if you are leaving the room, talking to a girl, walking a dog, or riding a bike, you always know the right song that should be playing right at that moment.  The Personal Soundtrack Shirt allows you to play that much needed song during those moments.

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt comes with a remote control with 20 song selection choices.  The songs are powered by a SD memory card loaded with MP3 files.  The filename of the MP3 determines the button correlated with the track.  For example, 03.mp3 is connected to button #3.  If you add an “L” to the end of the filename, the track will loop until you press the button to stop.   The Personal Soundtrack shirt can also play music from an iPod or other portable audio player.

The music is played from a working speaker on the front of the shirt, requiring 4 AAA batteries (sold separately). The shirt also comes with 20 preloaded sounds.  To wash the shirt, unplug the battery pack and remove the cables and battery pack.  Below is a video demo of the shirt. The price of the shirt is $39.99 and sells here.

Via: bookofjoe.com