Wall Street Journal Launches WikiLeaks Competitor SafeHouse

Posted May 5, 2011

WikiLeaks is best known for containing whistle-blower documents that are confidential in nature. WikiLeaks provided anonymity to those who submitted the documents. WikiLeaks grew in popularity and journalists started
thinking to themselves why they didn’t come up with the idea. Most publications ask for tips from readers without guaranteeing anonymity. The Wall Street Journal is launching a new portal that has a similar concept.

The Wall Street Journal is launching a service called SafeHouse. SafeHouse is a secure uploading system where people are encouraged to send newsworthy e-mails, databases, financial records, e-mails, etc. File transfers are made through encrypted connections and the documents are encrypted too. SafeHouse has it’s own servers that are separate from WSJ.com.

Arab news network Al Jazeera recently started a similar service called ajtransparency.com. AJTransparency has been up and running since January 2011.

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