Walmart Introducing $45 Unlimited No-Contract Calling Phone Plan

Posted Oct 15, 2009

Given that Wally World is the biggest retail company in the world, it is inevitable for them to offer a phone service that one-ups what other telecommunications companies have to offer.

Walmart is beta testing a program called Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a wireless service that will not require a contract and costs only $45 per month for an unlimited minutes, messages, and data plan. There will also be a $30 plan that offers 1,000 minutes, 1,000 SMS and text messages, and 30MB data.

However the phones that will work with the plan retails for $100. These phones include the LG Slider 290 and the “Samsung 451.” The Samsung 451 is expected to have a QWERTY kayboard. The LG Slider 290 does not have that many features.

“It has been very encouraging to see the excitement and response to the Straight Talk pilot in 234 stores that began last summer at Walmart,” stated Walmart U.S. VP of Media Services Greg Hall in a press release. “In light of the savings customers continue to need, we have worked very quickly to extend this offering to all of our Walmart customers nationwide, and just before the holidays.”