Walmart Is Crediting People $300 For Their Old iPhone 5

Posted Sep 11, 2013

Walmart has launched a program that enables people to trade in their old iPhone 5 for a new one.  This program is starting September 21st and it also applies to Sam’s Club stores.  The credits are worth between $50 to $300 depending on the brand and condition.

A working iPhone 5 will get $300, a Samsung Galaxy S3 will get $175, and a Samsung Galaxy S2 will get $52.  This credit would then have to be applied to an agreement with Walmart, including their standard two-year agreement or the prepaid contract-free Straight Talk plan.

“Smartphones have become a part of our customers’ everyday lives and as new devices launch more frequently, trade-in programs are becoming more popular,” stated Walmart EVP of general merchandise Steve Bratspies. “More and more, customers are choosing where they purchase new smartphones based on where they’ll get the best value for their trade-ins.”

The trade-in promotion can be used at over 3,600 Walmart stores and Sam’s Club outlets across the United States.

[Source: CNET]