Walmart To Sell The iPhone For More Than $99

Posted Dec 17, 2008

Within the last couple of weeks there has been speculation about whether Walmart will be selling the iPhone for a substantially lower price than Apple stores and other retail outlets.  According to a Walmart report sent to Engadget, these rumors have been quashed.  On December 28 at around 9AM, the Apple iPhone will be sold at select Walmart stores at a price of $197 for an 8GB phone and $297 for a 16GB phone with a two year AT&T contract.

Apple and Walmart have signed at Non Disclosure Agreement that will not allow Walmart employees to discuss iPhone information with non-employees.  About 488 stores will be carrying the device initially. Today there will be an internal pilot program where Walmart employees will be able to buy the device at a 15% discount.  Each of the select stores will receive 5 iPhones that can be purchased by Walmart employees.

[via: Engadget]