Walt Mossberg Does Not Recommend The Dell Streak 7

Posted Feb 10, 2011

When Walt Mossberg, a writer for AllThingsD leaves a review about certain products, the Internet listens. Unfortunately for Dell Inc., he slammed the Streak 7 tablet. Dell and T-Mobile are selling the Dell Streak 7 for $200 with a two-year contract.

“Unfortunately, after a week of testing, I found the compromises Dell made to get to that low price make it impossible for me to recommend the Streak 7. Its screen, battery life, and software are all disappointing, and vastly inferior not only to the iPad?s, but also to those on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a high-quality Android tablet about the size of the Streak 7 released late last year. In other words, you get what you pay for,” wrote Mossberg in his review.

He did point out some of the strengths that the Streak 7 has too. He said that it is smaller and lighter than the iPad. It also has front and rear cameras. And it can be used as a WiFi hot spot. The Streak 7 also has fast download speeds (about 4.63 megabits per second around Silicon Valley).