Walter Isaacson: Steve Jobs Biography Could Be Expanded In A Special Edition

Posted Dec 15, 2011

Walter Isaacson was at an event hosted by the Commonwealth Cub of California and he shared some additional information about the Steve Jobs biography. The 630-page biography may be expanded in a special edition. It may be in the form of an extensively annotated version or putting in an addendum that addresses the period during Steve Jobs’ death.

“This is the first or second draft,” stated Isaacson in reference to the biography. “It’s not the final draft.” Jobs had an interest in designing a yacht for his family before passing away. Jobs was also very particular about the cover of the biography. He wanted a white body, minimalistic design, and Mac’s signature font. Jobs joked that he would stop cooperating on the biography at one point if he was not asked for input about the cover.

“It took me about one and a half seconds to say, ‘Sure!'” stated Isaacson. “I mean this is one of the greatest design eyes of our time.”

Jobs refused to talk to Isaacson about philanthropy even though the biographer was pressing for information. Jobs had ignored a message from Bill Gates about joining Giving Pledge, a joint philanthropy campaign with Warren Buffet. This initiative urges billionaires to give at least half of their wealth to charity.

“Bill Gates was better at philanthropy because he didn’t care about making great products,” said Jobs at one point.