Want Facebook WIthout Apps? Check Out Facebook Lite.

Posted Sep 11, 2009

Facebook launched a new service as of yesterday called Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is currently in the United States or in India. The user interface for Facebook Lite is much faster than the original. And on Facebook Lite, they put a major emphasis on birthdays because that feature is placed at the top.

Friend updates appear in real-time towards the bottom of the page when clicking on show more posts. The Facebook Toolbar has been removed in the Lite version, including Chat. I think disabling Chat in the Lite version is a good idea because it becomes redundant if you already have IM software that has Facebook Chat plugged in.

In Facebook Lite, there is also a major emphasis on events because there is a button prominently displayed at the top. In the regular version of Facebook, events have terrible screen real estate (small text in the bottom right). In this video, Mark Zuckerberg is conducting a gong ceremony with the team that built Facebook Lite.