War Of The Motion Controllers: Wii Motion Plus, Project Natal, and PS Motion

Posted Jun 2, 2009

The top selling consoles are now in a new war besides who has the best online play and who can sell the most units.  I am dubbing this next battle, the War Of The Motion Controllers.

Sony’s motion controller is a black wand with a glowing purple bulb at the top.  The Sony PS controller uses motion capture through a PS Eye camera tracking device at the top of the stick.  However The PS Motion will not be available for purchase until Spring 2010.

Microsoft’s Project Natal is the code name of the motion controller device that they plan to launch sometime next year.  The device is controlled by a black box with several built in sensors.  Engadget has a demo video of Natal in action.

Nintendo’s Wii Motion Plus sensor will arrive in a few weeks and will be bundled with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.  The game and Motion Plus bundle will cost about $59.  The Motion Plus on its own will cost $20.  One of the major differences between the Motion Plus and the original controller is that the new controller works with smaller hand motions, offering precision without having to exaggerate movements.