Warner Music Acquires Retail Web Site, InSound

Posted Jan 5, 2008

Warner Music’s subsidiary company, The Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) announced yesterday that they have acquired Insound.com, a indie music web site [Source: Billboard]. Insound.com is based in New York City and started in 1998. Insound.com will be used as the back-end for Warner Music’s labels.

Insound.com started out in 1998 by selling customized CDs online and sent them out by mail. In October 2006, Insound started selling MP3s. ADA started in 1993 as a joint venture between WMG and Sub Pop Records. This is the first time ADA or Warner Music acquired a retail operation. Insound will continue to be run by Matt Wishnow, a co-founder.

Currently ADA is the leading indie distribution company in USA. Some labels within the ADA includes Comedy Central, Doghouse Records, Elektra Records, Rhino Records, and Warner Bros. Records.

[Information Source: paidContent]