Washington Research Foundation Sues Apple, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, D-Link, Parrot, and Logitech

Posted Dec 3, 2012

The Washington Research Foundation (WRF) has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, D-Link, Parrot, and Logitech.  WRF has patents that have to do with wireless radio patents with chipsets used in mobile and computer products.

The seven companies are being accused of infringing at least one out of six patents (from a set of 14 subject patents) that are registered by the WRF.  The patents include patent numbers:  6,427,068; 6,631,256; 7,116,963; 7,606,542; 7,853,225 and 7,925,238

These companies were named in the lawsuit because they use radio chipsets that are sold by Atheros, Qualcomm, or Qualcomm-Atheros.  The companies that are being sued by the WRF thought that they were protected by indemnity agreements with radio chipset suppliers and did not intend on licensing them directly.

Several chipset suppliers contacted the WRF to license patents to make sure that they were protected.  These companies include Airoha Technology, Broadcom, CSM, Ericsson, Cisco, GN, Netcom, Harman International Industries, VTech, Infineon, Marvell, Silicon Laboratories, SiTel Semiconductor, ST-Ericsson, ST-NXP, Toshiba, and NXP Semiconductors.

Qualcomm had entered negotiations with WRF, but “failed to take a license on terms that are consistent with WRF’s prior licenses” that would have covered past and present infringing activities.

Below is a copy of the lawsuit filing.

 Washington Research Foundation vs Apple et al.