WATCH: Creepy Guy Dresses Up Like Slender Man For Halloween And Pranks Students

Posted Nov 3, 2012

Slender Man is a creepy creature that is tall and thin.  He has a black suit and a blank face.  He can also stretch and shorten his arms at wall.  Slender Man can cause memory loss, coughing fits, and can teleport at will.  The character originated from a post on the Something Awful forums where contestants were asked to turn ordinary photographs into creepy looking images through digital manipulation.  Something Awful user Victor Surge posted a couple of photos of the Slender Man creature.  After that, the meme went viral and Slender Man was added to a bunch of photos after that.  In this video from Halloween on the DePaul University campus, a guy dressed like Slender Man and stood in an alley.  This video was created by Rocky P. and has hit 850,000+ views.  Watch some of the reactions in the video below: