WATCH: Detroit Rapper Calicoe Under Investigation After Allegedly Boasting About Dog Fighting In Video

Posted Jul 10, 2012

Calicoe is known for being a battle rapper in Detroit. Unfortunately he allegedly runs an illegal dog fighting ring at his house and he boasted it on a tape that was uploaded to the Internet. Calicoe was doing an “MTV Cribs” like video segment as he walked around his home with a cameraman. He had pit bulls and roosters all over his house. “We’ve got an [expletive] zoo over here,” said Calicoe as the videographer was following him around. The Detroit police became aware of the incriminating statements made by Calicoe after the interview went viral.

“Anybody want to fight some dogs? I hope we don’t get indicted for that,” said Calicoe as he opened a gate. “Pit bulls. We’ve got some roosters. We fight them, too,” said Calicoe. Then he pointed to a rooster in a cage. “That’s a grand champ right there.”

“We’ve got some more fighters over here making that real money,” said Calicoe. The camera passes by more pit bulls and some puppies.

“They champions in the making, man,” added Calicoe. “Anything that got to do with gambling, put some money up, we do it.”

Calicoe spoke with Fox 2 News on the phone and said that he believes the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. He says that he is a battle rapper and the video indicates that image is everything. He said that rappers always talk about things that they don’t actually do. He said that the animals do not belong to him, but they belong to a friend of his who is an animal lover. He said that the animals are not used for fighting in an way and says that they are well cared for.

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