WATCH: Developers Port iOS Apps On BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted Jun 13, 2012

On Saturday, there was a thread that appeared on the Crackberry forums by businesscat2000. The thread was titled iOS apps running on PlayBook called “iOS Apps running on PlayBook!” The thread linked to these videos on YouTube, which shows a demo of iOS apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook including Super Monkey Ball, Tiny Tower, Tom Tom, Sushi Cat, and iFart. In the thread, there was a link to another YouTube video that shows iOS apps running on Windows. The developer explained his approach to getting the iOS apps to work on BlackBerry below:

The CPU isn’t emulated on Playbook (though it is on Windows). It works very similarly to how WINE works to run Windows applications on Linux. The app binary is mapped into memory and imports are resolved to point to my own implementation of the various APIs needed. iOS actually uses a few open APIs already, which Playbook supports just as well (GL ES, and OpenAL). The bulk of the work has been in implementing all of the objective C classes that are required. The ARM code of the applications run as-is – the armv6/v7 support on PB/iDevices are pretty much identical, and the code is designed to run in USR mode. No SWIs, GPIO accesses or any of that kind of shenanigans.

Check out the videos below: