WATCH: How High School Student Jack Andraka Pursued His Pancreatic Cancer Sensor

Posted Jul 19, 2012

Jack Andraka is a 15-year-old high school student that spends a lot of time going to the labs at John Hopkins University.  He is developing a test for early detection of pancreatic cancer.  He is known for winning at Intel’s International Science and Engineering.

The pancreatic cancer detection system that he design is 90% accurate, 400 times more sensitive, and 26,000 times less expensive than the methods used today.  Andraka realized that he could use carbon nanotubes that react to specific types of proteins during a biology class.  The funny thing is that he got in trouble for reading articles on carbon nanotubes in biology class instead of doing classwork.

Andraka e-mailed 200 professors when he put together his ideas on the paper sensor, but John Hopkins was the only school that was receptive.  ?If you send out enough emails, someone?s going to say yes,? said Andraka.  Check out the video below:

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