WATCH: Lieutenant Clayton Heyward Asks Katy Perry To Be His Data At The Navy Ball

Posted Oct 17, 2012

Lieutenant Clayton Heyward is a huge fan of pop artist Katy Perry.  Since Sergeant Scott Moore was able to score a date with actress Mila Kunis by posting a YouTube invitation to a ball, Lt. Heyward is hoping the same strategy will work to get Ms. Perry to go with him to the Navy Ball.  Lt. Heyward posted the video before he was deployed to Afghanistan while he was holding a martini.  In the video Lt. Heyward said:

Hey Katy, you caught me repairing my fences, one of my many domestic talents. I?m Lieutenant Clayton Heyward and I?m a Navy F-18 pilot on the West Coast and I need a date to this year?s West Coast Ball. Not only am I only three hours away, I?m also from Georgia. If this doesn?t impress you, perhaps my cheesy video will.