WATCH: Nickelback’s “Trying Not To Love You” Video Starring Jason Alexander and Brooke Burns

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Rock band Nickelback has released a new music video that has gone viral.  “Trying Not To Love You” has hit over 360,000 views in only 3 days.  The video stars Jason Alexander (known as George Costanza in Seinfeld) and Brooke Burns (Jessie Owens in Baywatch and Vanessa Mancini in Melrose Place).  The last time I have seen Nickelback put together a funny viral video was when they responded to the Detroit petition on 9 months ago.  In this music video, Alexander places a coffee shop barista that is trying to impress a girl with his coffee foam art.  That is up until another character shows up and I bet you won’t be able to guess who it is.  Check out the video below: