WATCH: Windows Phone 7.8 Lets You Adjust The Size Of Tiles

Posted Jun 26, 2012

In this video Microsoft Evangelist Ben Rudolph showcases an early build of Windows Phone 7.8. People that have Windows Phone 7.5 can upgrade to 7.8 and get this new tile feature. “For me, the small-sized tile that made me contentedly sigh ‘finally?’ is my Phone Tile. I don?t do that much talking on my phone and use it pretty much entirely for email, text, web, games and everything else, so it was a big relief to miniaturize it and get it out of the way,” said Rudolph. “On the other hand, I?m pretty jacked to make things like email, messaging and music nice and big so I can see more of what?s going on at a glance.” Check out the video below: