Watsi Is Y Combinator’s First Non-Profit Investment

Posted Jan 28, 2013

Watsi is a non-profit company that has received an investment from Y Combinator.  This is Y Combinator’s first investment in a non-profit.  Based in San Francisco, Watsi helps pay medical bills for poor people through small donations.  People that want to donate to medical bills can view the profiles of the people on Watsi’s website and get updates on how the treatment went.

Watsi was founded by three former Peace Corp volunteers Chase Adam, Howard Glenn, and Mark Murrin.  Jesse Cooke, a tech consultant, was a co-founder of Watsi also.  They are joined by Grace Garey as they quit their full-time jobs to focus on Watsi completely.

“We?re waking up at 6 A.M. to Skype with hospitals in Kenya and going to sleep at 2 A.M. dreaming of funding medical treatments for millions of patients in need,” said the team members in a blog post.  “We?re putting every ounce of energy we have into this organization because we believe that every person in the world deserves access to basic medical care. We?ve already funded medical treatments for 60 people around the world, and we won?t stop until we reach a million.”

[Source: BizJournals]