Wayne Chang Is Suing The Winklevoss Brothers

Posted Dec 9, 2010

The Winklevoss brothers are suing Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg again. They were not happy with the $65 million settlement from before. They believe that Facebook was actually worth much higher at the time when the settlement agreement was made. In an ironic twist, Wayne Chang is suing the Winklevoss twins for the same reason they are suing Facebook.

Wayne Chang filed a lawsuit against the Winklevoss brothers. Chang said that the Winklevoss brothers merged their company, called ConnectU, with Chang’s web development company to make a new company: The Winklevoss Chang Group (WCG). Chang complained that the Winklevosses “expressly agreed that the litigation between ConnectU and Facebook was an asset of ConnectU and an asset of WCG,” according to BusinessInsider. Chang never got any money when the Winklevosses received $65 million as part of the settlement. Chang claims that this IM conversation took place between him and Cameron in November 2004: