WCVB In Boston Sues Aereo

Posted Jul 10, 2013

Aereo is a startup that has developed an antenna used for delivering TV programs for $8 month.  The service is mostly frowned upon by local TV stations because their transmissions are used in an unauthorized fashion.  Aereo is facing lawsuits in New York as a result.  Today it was announced that WCVB, a Hearst-owned station in Boston, has filed a lawsuit against Aereo as well, according to GigaOM.  Aereo launched in Boston a few months ago.

“Aereo further free-rides on WCVB?s substantial investment in its broadcasting infrastructure. Aereo is willfully, wantonly, and unfairly exploiting WCVB?s programming and broadcasts for its own commercial benefit,” said Aereo in a statement.

The idea behind Aereo is driven by InterActiveCorp’s head Barry Diller.

Fortunately for Aereo, the company won a crucial legal battle last year when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals decided that they were not violating copyright because each subscriber is renting the personal antenna, which was compared to a private DVR instead of a mass transmission.

The copyright law allows private copying and recording, but broadcasting to the public is not permissible.  Aereo is legal in three northeast states, but they are planning to expanding into 22 more cities.

Below is a copy of the lawsuit filing:

WCVB v Aereo