Web 2.0 Summit Conference Is On Hiatus This Year

Posted Apr 4, 2012

The Web 2.0 Summit conference is on hiatus this year according to a blog post by John Battelle. Battelle is finding it difficult to manage the programming on the stage and write a book while creating a pitch-perfect onstage program.

“It takes months and months of hard work to execute a conference like Web 2 (and not just by me). My partners at O?Reilly and UBM TechWeb are full to the brink with other conferences, and after months of discussions about how we might route around this problem, we all agreed there really wasn?t a way to do it. It?s not fun being the guy who stops the party, but in this case, I have to step up and take responsibility,” stated Battelle. This year the conference won’t be around, but there is a chance that we might see it return next year.