Web 2.0 Is Officially The Millionth Dictionary Word

Posted Jun 12, 2009

The English language has added the millionth word to the dictionary and it just happens to do with technology.  The one millionth word is Web 2.0 and it was added at this past Wednesday morning.  About 14 words are added to the English language every day.

The Global Language Monitor tracks usage of words across billions of web sites.  Obamamania, wardrobe malfunction, zombie banks, shovel ready, recessionista, noob and defriend were pretty close to being added around the same time.

Linguistic Society of America and University of Michigan linguistic professor Sarah Thomason monitors the Language Monitor’s count closely.  Editor at Large of the Oxford English Dictionary Jesse Sheidlower works closely with Thomason as well.

When Pulse 2.0 first started we focused our news exclusively on Web 2.0, but transitioned more towards technology as the news around Web 2.0 slowed down in general during this past recession.

Web 2.0 was coined by Darcy DiNucci in an article called Fragmented Future.  Tim O’Reilly launched a conference called Web 2.0 in 2004 which caused the popularity of the word to spread further.