Website Traffic Of Financial Sites Skyrocketed This Past Week

Posted Sep 20, 2008

Many media and financial analysts compared this past week’s economy as being as bad as the 1930’s Great Depression.  As a recovery is underway, the Associated Press published an article regarding how well several of the online trading websites held up with a sudden surge of traffic.

Scottrade, Inc. had it’s highest-volume of trading this past Thursday.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, Scottrade has it’s most busiest days of traffic.  Orders shot up 60% from the week before.  Fortunately, Scottrade was able to manage the sudden surge in traffic. 

Keynote Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:KEYN) measured the up-time for all of the major financial trading sites and it turns out that E*TRADE did very well too.  Many of the trading sites performed at 95% availability–5% of users were not able to complete their transactions. 

The Charles Schwab Corporation (NASDAQ:SCHW),”definitely saw higher-than-usual traffic this week,” stated Schwab Corp. spokeswoman Sarah Bulgatz. Schwab added capacity to their website and it “seemed to have paid off.”

Hitwise Pty. Ltd. stated that the traffic of Yahoo! Finance and other online broker companies saw a rose about 33%.  JPMorgan, WaMu, and Citibank did not have any slow-downs as well. 

I have to admit that I am thoroughly impressed by the reliability of all of these financial sites.  Managing a sudden surge of traffic is not easy to manage.  If you look at some of the tech companies out there, they seem to struggle with it.  It doesn’t matter if you are Twitter or if you are Apple.  They have something to learn from the financial companies.