Welcome to the ‘Mobile App Monitoring’ series (sponsored)

Posted Jan 31, 2014

We at Pulse 2.0 are proud to announce the Mobile App Monitoring series through a partnership with New Relic. Since many of you reading this section are mobile app developers, we wanted to highlight the benefits of mobile app monitoring so that you can save time in troubleshooting and focus your time on creating new features and growing your user base.

When you create a mobile app, there are several aspects that can affect your performance. It could be your code. It could be your hosting company. It could be the type of device that is accessing the app. It could be the user’s carrier. Mobile app monitoring has become a lot more important since there has been an inverse relationship in the last couple years of the PC industry declining and the smartphone industry rising.

Since people are using smartphones now more than ever, expectations for mobile app performance are extremely high. Data should be monitored in real-time and New Relic is one of the only companies that offers this type of service. New Relic can also send alerts to developers if any issues come up.

In the Mobile App Monitoring series, we will explore mobile app monitoring case studies and highlight application performance services over the next few months.

This article was sponsored through a partnership between Pulse 2.0 and New Relic For Mobile. If you are interested in a partnership series with Pulse 2.0, please contact Amit Chowdhry or Shan Sadiq at info@pulse2.com.