WellNet Launching Social Network, Point to Point Healthcare

Posted Aug 19, 2008

WellNet Healthcare is a health management company that plans on launching the beta version of their new social network, Point to Point Healthcare very soon.  WellNet started in 1994 and has been collecting medical and pharamaceutical information about their members since they started.  Using this information, WellNet plans on helping clients evaluate health plans.

Through Point to Point, members will be able to schedule checkups online, create a wellness journal, and rate practitioners.  washington-based companies, Peterson Cos., Dewberry, and Kiplinger Washington Editors will be some of the first tests of the social network.

Other features included in the social network include prescription alerts, an online guide to help members find new specialits, and insurance claims help.  WellNet will be promoting the service to 300,000 of the primary care doctors in their network.

“It depends how simple it is to use these online tools,” stated Joseph Heyman, Chairman of the American Medical Association’s board. “Most physicians right now are on a hamster wheel. They have trouble keeping up. If it means extra work, and it’s not a time-saver, they’re generally not interested.”

Some of WellNet’s notable competitors includes MedBillManager.com and Revolution Health.

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