What Is eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar Up To Now? Ginx.

Posted Jan 14, 2009

Pierre M. Omidyar, the Iranian-American philanthropist and founder/chairman of eBay that is worth about $7.7 billion is now working on a new business.  Dan Primack of PEHub found a regulatory filing that lists Pierre as an executive of a company called Ginx.  Although the company is still in stealth mode and requests users to provide their Twitter username/password and secret code, the company has raised $2 million according to the filing.

Ginx is believed to be a recommendation website based on Twitter.  So if I do an action on the Internet and want to share it within the Ginx community, it will show that pulled website to other Twitter users through Ginx.  It is able to show this action through a URL shortening service through Ginx.  For an example, go to this website: http://ginx.com/-Bl6.

Omidyar seems to have a keen interest in social media so this type of service is right up his alley.  One of the most interesting tweets I’ve read by Omidyar was during the Presidential Debates between Obama and McCain.

[via PEHub]