What Was Vivek Kundra’s Theft Conviction? Going Klepto At J.C. Penney In 1996.

Posted Mar 19, 2009

As you may remember, last week the FBI raided the offices of Vivek Kundra.  Kundra was nominated by Barack Obama to be the CIO of the White House.  When Kundra was 22, he was charged with a misdemeanor theft (less than $300).  That charge has come back to haunt him today.  So what did he actually steal?  Four shirts worth $134 from J.C. Penney.

Each shirt was worth $33.50.  The crime took place in 1996 and he was charged in 1997.  The crime took place in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Kundra was caught putting the shirts in a shopping bag and he left without paying.  Sgt. Tom Stanton noticed the crime being committed and there was a brief foot chase.  The property was recovered shortly after.

Should The White House hold this against him?  They decided not to.  This is understandable because every politician has some sort of skeleton in their closet.  Remember how our last President was arrested for getting a DUI in 1976?  That didn’t stop him from becoming President.

[via TBI]