Where’s Waldo? The $130,000 Water Robot, Not The Cartoon Character.

Posted Sep 14, 2009

D’oh! The Waldo water robot in Sarasota, Florida went missing shortly after going out to sea. The Waldo robot costed $130,000 to make and was created to find toxic algae bloom, also known as red tide. Waldo was made at the Mote Marine Laboratory.

Mote scientist Gary Kirkpatrick issued the following statement:

Waldo was making reports every two hours, Then, bam, it just stopped sending a signal. There are a few possibilities that we think are likely: It could have had a major leak or malfunction and sank to the bottom and is just sitting there. Or, it could have had a malfunction with its computer or its communication system and is floating on the surface but unable to tell us that it’s there.

If the Marine Laboratory needs help finding the other Waldo, I’ve seen him on Google Street View.