While Microsoft Is Out Courting Facebook; Digg Gets Neglected

Posted Oct 25, 2007

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! I invented the piano key necktie, I invented it!” yelled Mugatu at the audience of his Derelicte campaign centered around professional male model, Derek Zoolander. For some reason, reading about Eric Schmidt’s reaction on whether there is a Google phone reminded me of the aforementioned scene from Zoolander. When questioned about the phone, Schmidt said “As you know Iâ??m on the board of Apple. Iâ??m using the iPhone.” Overbidding for tech companies apparently upsets Schmidt too, but suave Sergey Brin calms him down [Source: Forbes]. If the Governator heard one of the highest paid CEOs in California talks like this, I have no doubt in my mind that Schmidt would be called a girlie man for such a comment and the Governator would then proceed to pump him up.

The purpose of my blog post however isn’t to stigamatize Eric Schmidt though. It is to question the purpose of these exclusive advertisement deals. When I think of the word exclusive, I believe that it means “not shared” or “not divided” with others. This is why Google paid $900 million for exclusive MySpace advertising rights and $1 billion for powering AOL search. Google also has an exclusive advertising partnership with CNN and Friendster as well. A lot of Google’s money is also going towards the Mozilla Foundation to power browsers such as FireFox. That is a lot of partnerships Google has and a lot of money has been paid to attain such partnerships.

Therefore Microsoft needed this Facebook deal and needs the deal that it has with Digg… “Weâ??ve signed on Microsoft as our new partner to sell and serve the ads on Digg. Itâ??s a deal similar to the one Facebook signed with Microsoft last year,” wrote Kevin Rose on the Digg Blog in July 2007.

I saw Google Ads on Digg today though. And this makes me question the word exclusive. Is Digg being neglected by Microsoft and this is why Google Ads were not removed yet? Is it a simple mistake on Digg developer’s part? Did the Microsoft-Digg deal actually happen? And what is with all these damn Digg shouts I’m getting?! Why is it that I’m getting poked, shouted at, and superpoked by all the web companies in Silicon Valley for crying out loud?

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